Please sign our petition for an EMERGENCY MEETING of the Irish Medical Council’s review of Mr. Connor Green's case, in the interest of our children who have been waiting months for his care.


Why this petition matters

As patients, parents, family, friends and public representatives of patients attending Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) hospitals, we petition the Irish Medical Council to convene an EMERGENCY MEETING to review Connor Green’s case.

Connor is the only surgeon in Ireland with fellowship and training in reconstruction of limbs and bone dysplasia.

Current status

  • In Cappagh over 100 children are on a waiting list for procedures that only Connor can carry out. They include congenital limb reconstruction, bone dysplasia reconstruction and surgical hip dislocation.
  • In Temple Street there are over 50 children waiting for congenital limb reconstruction, bone dysplasia reconstruction and osteogenesis imperfecta.

At least 40 new referrals a year will join this waiting list due to Connors absence.

Each case is a childhood journey of multiple procedures.

The options for these children are:

  1. Their case being taken over by consultant and not being treated.
  2. Treated by surgeons not trained in the skills that are unique to Connor Green.
  3. Go abroad for treatment, despite their disabilities and the absence of Mr Green.

Orthokids Ireland are appealing for Connor Green’s case to be accelerated through the Irish Medical Council to facilitate hundreds of children benefiting from his expertise.

3236 Petition Signatures

We believe that Mr. Connor Green was unjustly referred to the Irish Medical Council for voicing criticism against Children's Health Ireland when he appeared before the Oireachtas in November 2021.

  1. He described the care of children with orthopaedic conditions in Ireland as “inadequate” and “chaotic”..
  2. He stated that the children’s future was being “destroyed” physically and psychologically by inadequate access to care.
  3. He outlined the impact of failures in the system on children with scoliosis, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, hip deformities and limb deformities.
  4. He rejected claims that excessive waiting lists occurred due to the pandemic and the HSE cyberattack.

See supporting documents:

What our supporters have to say:

"Connor is one of the best hip surgeons in the world and saved us travelling to Dallas. He is a brilliant communicator and listens to patients and parents when others we encountered didn’t."

Martin O Regan

"Children's health and well-being are top priority. Anyone who voices criticism and brings issues to light to improve patient care deserves applause, not punishment."

Martin Gaik

"Every child deserves to receive high-quality care without waiting for months. Every specialist that can provide such care and is willing to advocate for better conditions and access deserves praise and support."

Таня Гаик

Since Connor criticised management publicly, we understand CHI has attempted to silence and suspend him on multiple occasions.

The suspension of a dedicated medical professional like Connor Green for advocating better patient care is an alarming precedent that needs immediate attention and correction. It is essential that we uphold freedom of speech within our healthcare system, especially when it concerns patient care.

As Connor Green is the only surgeon in Ireland with a limb reconstruction fellowship and training in reconstruction for bone dysplasia, we urge you to support us as we try to get Mr. Green back to serving those who need him most - our children.

Please sign this petition urging the Irish Medical Council to accelerate their review of the complaint made against Connor Green immediately!



Please sign the petition today - your support matters.

Each signature is a voice, a beacon of hope in getting Connor Green back treating our children.

Your support is pivotal. Please stand with us.

3236 Petition Signatures

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